Who’s kicking your yea but(t)?


By Martha O’Regan

‘Yea, I know I need to (blank), but I can’t/don’t because (blank)’. ‘Yea, I’m sure I would feel better if I (blank), but (blank) keeps getting in my way.’ We call these limiting beliefs ‘YeaBut’ statements and we all have them. They are the ‘I can’t affords’, ‘there isn’t enough time’, ‘yea, I could do that, but…..’, etc. These limiting beliefs were set up early in life and until we dissolve them, will keep us stuck, contribute to procrastination and self sabotage, and basically stifle our progress in life.

What are your limiting beliefs? If you’re not sure, begin to listen to your thoughts and comments that begin with ‘I can’t, I shouldn’t, and I always do/never have’, etc. With repetition, these type statements become your truth, keeping you stuck in situations that may not serve your highest good. So, if you are working on a specific health, career, relationship, or financial goal that just isn’t lining up with ease, consider asking your family and friends to listen and lovingly kick your ‘yea butt’ when you begin spouting off these limiting statements.

As busy ‘being’ humans, we need someone to hold us accountable and keep us on task with our dreams, goals and desires in a kind, non-judgmental, and empowering way. So who is it for you..? your spouse, your children, your best friend, a co-worker? If the answer is “no one” or “myself”, then I ask, how is that working for you? If you answer ‘not so good’, then it might be time to consider having a coach to support you in taking your life to the next level. When I began coaching, there were basically only wellness/health, life and maybe a few career coaches, now there is a coach for everything you can imagine.

I have the honor to be one of three support coaches in a year- long mastermind program for 24 individuals from around the world who are creating their own coaching business. These individuals have a passion to serve a specific niche which includes such populations as those desiring a yogic lifestyle, same sex couples entering into marriage, veterans and first responders managing PTSD, nurses learning self-care to manage job/life stress, couples wanting to restore/strengthen their relationship, retirees seeking to fulfill their purpose even without a job, parents educating themselves in ways to talk about sex with their children, engineers learning to live and manage their stress from the right brain, you name it, there is a coach for it.

It’s often asked ‘what is the difference between coaching and counseling’? Counseling gives us an understanding of how our past has brought us to our present circumstance, allowing us to validate why we feel the way we feel. But, once we have reached that point of understanding, continuing to talk about it can sometimes keep us stuck validating our behavior through our story, and not moving towards anything. Coaches support you in getting from your present life experience to a desired result, by rearranging or dissolving some of your limiting patterns and behaviors that have kept your goals ‘just a nice idea’.

Because coaches are not emotionally attached to the outcome, as you are, they can be extremely objective and offer insights that you may be too close to the situation to see. Coaches are trained with a variety of creative solutions to keep you focused on the big picture, while helping you get to the goal quickly and efficiently by cutting through the baggage that can easily slow you down or cloud your judgment. They ask questions, develop action plans, and lovingly kick your ‘yea butt’ when you try to quit, or limit your own ability to live out your dream or purpose on the planet.

Who do you dream to be? What do you desire to do? Where do you need support? Are you ready for more joy in life? These are the questions a coach will ask, so get your ‘yea butt’ in gear and find yours today. You’ll be so glad you did. Live Awake….Have Fun!

Martha O’Regan, BEST Life Coach for the Awakened Shift Head, supporting those who are tired of ‘thinking’ their way to health, happiness and success and ready for a Shift of Heart. Contact her at yourbestlifecoach28@gmail.com to discover just how easy it can be to Create Your BEST Life…By Design www.bestlifecoach.net.

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