When you have nowhere to turn, turn around


By Brittney Hiller

May I be frank for a moment? When I hear of others that are so capable of making change in their life, yet chose to live in the ‘comfort’ of their mess, I become both saddened and angry. Yes, me ‘the happiest yogini’ can actually feel anger.

Look deep into your life right now, where do you sit currently? How are you showing up in your relationships, in your financials, even in your efforts to support others? Are you there? Are you authentically you? If you find spots where you say, ‘well, no, not really’ then I ask, what is preventing you from being all there?

Is it fear? Is it poor education? Is it stubbornness? I am guilty of all of these, I sat in my own pile of messy ‘comfort’ and realized after a while, just how much I truly missed because I chose to stay in the mess I created.

We do though; we create that which we sit in right now. Did you know that? You have created it. It is the hard truth that often we do not want to admit or speak of. We want to shout at someone else for the mess we sit in, we want to point a finger or place it on to someone else’s back, but my friends, I am here to let you in on a little well known secret. Life becomes easier and manageable when we begin to live truthfully, compassionately, and do that which is necessary for change.

Action is the key component in all of this. When we express what we want and shout it to the rooftops in prayer or give a simple whisper, often we may not take the few moments we need to listen and hear our answer. Or, if we do hear the answer, we do not act on it.

Allow me to give you a small back-story to help inspire you.

For years, I sat in my woe is me, I am unworthy, but what do I know, mentality. It was miserable, yet I covered it up with sprinkles and rainbows by telling myself I was ‘having fun’. I sat in a relationship of misery because I was ‘comfortable’ with where I was and felt that this poor treatment was something I was punished with. “Perhaps I did something wrong, perhaps this person was crazy, maybe I am dealt this card because it is all I am worth…” this and many more ill thoughts filled my head, until finally, I was pushed into a new life. Literally, I was forced to move away from this relationship and my eyes opened up when I took action (that was forced, by an ending agreement) and moved in with my sister.

Today, I am here in hopes to inspire you, look at where you are in life. I trust and hope that as you read this you are happy and well, however if you do not feel that way within yourself, take a step back and see into your life, what can you change? What minor adjustments can be made to allow for more kindness, truth, and compassion to enter your life with ease? I will give you a hint – it starts with the mind-shift. As my dear friend Martha O’Regan says, “Shift Happens” and it does, so allow it!

Begin your new tomorrow with this one question, “What would it take for ……” and fill in what you would like to change in your life. Now, for the action piece, sit with this thought for two minutes and write down what comes to you.

You may begin to hear the small change you may need to make, write it down.

Give yourself time to think it through clearly and remember you are looking to create kindness, compassion, and truth into your life – with ease. I moved and the action wasn’t an easy experience at all, but I got there and after a month I made the decision that I was worth more than that relationship was offering me and I ended it.

You are worth it; you are worthy of change if you need it. Be true to your most awesome self. I know you are worth it!

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