When the school day ends, learning and nurturing continues at the YMCA afterschool program

To help nurture and inspire kids to discover their potential, the YMCA of Beaufort County is offering an afterschool program to school-aged children throughout Beaufort County. Through a holistic approach to youth development, the Y’s afterschool program offers activities in a caring and safe environment where youth can achieve, feel a sense of belonging, build friendships and explore new interests.

“When the school day ends, continued learning can have a positive influence on how well youth perform in school, boosting school attendance, academic performance and reducing gaps in academic achievement particularly among children from disadvantaged households,” said Kaylin Garst, Operations Director, YMCA of Beaufort County. “With the support of nurturing adults, youth in afterschool programs cultivate the values, skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health and education achievement.”

Some of the programs and activities included in the afterschool program include ARF & Tail Waggin’ Tutors, yoga, and bible study with volunteers from The Parish Church of St. Helena and Y clubs. Y Clubs include swimming, sports, Togetherhood junior, career club and more. In the new career club various occupations will be explored by the students, with professionals from the community visiting the club to describe their job, their educational achievements and why they love their career.

In the YMCA’s afterschool program youth receive homework assistance and can also explore literacy and math activities, nutrition education, arts, service learning, 21st Century Skills, physical fitness, and swimming. Financial assistance is available to those in need, to ensure every child and teen has the opportunity to learn and grow at the Y.

The YMCA of Beaufort County has adopted a set of Healthy Eating and Physical Activity standards in our afterschool programs that will build a healthier future for our nation’s children by providing healthy environments rich in opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity.

For more information about the YMCA of Beaufort County’s afterschool program, please contact Kaylin Garst, Operations Director, 843-522-9622 or visit ymcabeaufortcounty.com.

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