What would we do without The Island News?

More great reading from our excellent local newspaper. Mike McCombs’ piece on the various forums exploring the “book banning” madness, his review of the Beaufort Democrats’ resolutions on access to books and Lolita Huckaby’s column on the same subject gave us information that is so important to knowing what is happening in our community and how we can join the battle to ward off this assault.

And Mike’s review of how high school senior Isabella Troy addressed this issue to the Board of Education with courage and real knowledge was inspiring. And impressive as always were David Taub’s thoughts on gun madness and Terry Manning’s intriguing questions about Herschel Walker’s political debut. Scott Graber is always worth reading and Carol Lucas reminds us of how critical it is to know historical facts because “silence is not an option” when the subject is the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

And it’s good to know what State Representative Joe White of Lexington wants to do in changing legislature rules so we can be a “voice of reason” in opposing his reactionary ideas. What would we do without The Island News to keep us informed?

– Barbara Temple, Beaufort

Protect sealife before it’s too late

Regulating vessel speeds along the U.S. east coast to protect right whales is a critical step in saving this endangered species and balancing our fragile aquatic ecosystem. And in the long run, it is an important step in economic growth and development.

Abducting fish and other animals — sensitive, complex living beings who feel pain just as we do — from their ocean homes is an unsustainable industry, harmful to the environment and harmful to our health. Fish flesh stores dangerous contaminants that can cause liver damage, nervous system disorders, and fetal damage; dioxins, which have also been linked to cancer; and radioactive substances. The corporate world of lobster and crab fishing often leads to serious food-safety violations.

Automobiles rendered the horse and buggy obsolete. Personal computers did the same to the typewriter business. It’s time to invest in innovative, cruelty-free industries before it’s too late for right whales and other sealife.

– Scott Miller, The PETA Foundation

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