What team do you pull for: Gamecocks or Tigers?

By Grace Stewart

When I first moved to Beaufort, I was approached by a very serious fellow classmate who demanded, “Do you pull for Clemson or Carolina?” I was just about 6 years old, and had just cozied my monogrammed self into life in the Lowcountry. Truth was, I had no idea what he was talking about. So I ran back to my mom and repeated the question. It was that day that I realized that I had to make a decision quickly. Will I be adorned on any given Fall Saturday in orange or maroon? Since that time I have chosen my alliance, but not wishing to lose any readers, I will not reveal my choice.

As I said in my last article, last week was Spirit Week at Beaufort Academy and Thursday was favorite college/sports team. I came to school in my “get-up” only to be greeted by almost five times as much Gamecock maroon than Clemson orange. Even the kids in the kindergarten were in their Carolina cheerleading uniforms and Gamecock jerseys. However, I entered the middle school building and turned to my right only to see little Miss Hope Gray taking pride in her tiger, paw print, orange attire. Every single person at Beaufort Academy takes as much pride in their college team as they do in their own school.

As much as the school was divided on Thursday, the next day — BA blue-and-white day — brought us all together, united in our allegiance to our school.

The ever-lasting maroon/orange feud is always fun whether you are in your game day dress in the first row at “Death Valley” or watching the Cocks pummel yet another opponent from your man cave at home. Either way, it is continuously enthralling to be a part of the game (and part of the trash talk). Wherever returning alumni have attended and wherever current “Beaufortonian” students are now, either college provides a great education. So who do YOU pull for?

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