What is Montessori?

E.C. Montessori and Grade School explain their impact on students.

The basic idea of Montessori education is that unseen within every child is carried the person the child will become.  In order to develop his physical and intellectual powers and personality to the fullest, the child must have a prepared environment from which to learn. Montessori schools are equipped with specialized materials that uniquely meet the children’s needs.

It is now understood and accepted that the most significant time for learning is from birth to six.  Learning patterns are set during this period for a lifetime.   Through purposeful movement, exploration, and discovery in the Montessori classroom the child’s individual learning needs are met.

Montessori classrooms are designed to encompass a three year age span, allowing younger students to learn from older role models and older students to test and reinforce their knowledge by helping their younger classmates.  Working in one class for three years, a child is able to develop a strong academic foundation as well as sense of community with her classmates and teachers.

E.C. Montessori and Grade School is located at 15 Celadon Drive on Sam’s Point Road. For more information, call (843) 525-1141 or visit www.ecmontessori.com.

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