What am I pretending not to know?


By Martha O’Regan

This question rose up in me several months ago and I jotted it down like I do when something comes to mind that doesn’t feel like my own — something that is deep but feels really important to ponder. Frankly, I didn’t really like this question so I turned the page quickly only to stumble on it several times since then … again, just moving right along.  But each time the question was repeated in my mind, the more I became aware of how much I was choosing not to know, see or hear in several areas of my life. It made me realize that although there are many things we truly don’t know because we’ve never learned it, there are many things we don’t want to know because it would mean changing something in our lives that could be uncomfortable, boring or just simply unpleasant.

As an example, I have used a non-dairy creamer in my coffee for a very long time, refusing to read the ingredients like I do most everything else I put in my body (you did catch the “most” part?)  I didn’t want it to change my morning ritual so I consciously ignored the obvious every time I made my coffee. Then I “accidentally” clicked on an article while on Facebook that went on to describe all of the poisons in non-dairy creamers and what they do to the body.  Darn it! Now I can no longer pretend not to know! So, off I went in search of an alternative with fewer evils. I must say, I am grateful the article appeared before me because I do feel better without all that extra poison.  Why was I pretending not to know something that was actually harmful?

We humans are so quirky, aren’t we?  We know what we know and keep doing what we do, even it isn’t serving our highest good.  Up to now, these habits, patterns and behaviors have all been created through unconscious repetition of thought and/or action over days, weeks, years or decades, both by us and around us. All repetition creates a neural pathway or a messaging signal from the brain that over time becomes our personal reality, also known as our personality. This embedded behavior or habit can be either healthful or harmful.  Once we stop pretending not to know the ones that aren’t supporting our health, happiness and success, we can begin to un- or re- create patterns through conscious repetition of empowering thoughts or supporting action. It really is quite simple — just not so easy — right up until it is.  This is the magical moment that “shift” happens and you’re off on a new direction with a new personal reality.

So, what are you pretending not to know? What are you choosing to do that deep down you just know is keeping you from a more abundant and vital existence? At first, the question can be a real nuisance, so feel free to ask it to return when you are more prepared to contemplate it.  Each time it gently rises from deep within or brightly appears like a neon sign, just allow the question to dance around in your mind. Over time, you can’t help but begin to pay attention to the nudgings, ah ha’s and wow moments that show up in your thoughts, conversations and experiences slowly aligning you on a more healthful and joyful path.

You’ll notice that with repetition, you can no longer pretend to stay unaware of that limiting behavior, and instead begin repeating a new mantra, exercise or nutritional habit. At first, it will feel as though you are trying to turn an aircraft carrier from a dead stop, but eventually momentum picks up and you will notice you’ve made a 180 degree turn and are back in the steady flow of your intended joyful journey. Live Awake in JOY!

Martha O’Regan, is Your ‘B.E.S.T. Life’ Coach, supporting you in Creating and Allowing the B.E.S.T. Life of your Dreams!  Contact her at 843/812-1328 or yourbestlifecoach28@gmail.com to discover just how easy it can be to create change in your life.  www.yourbestlifecoach.net

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