Trigger your happiness in 3 easy steps


By Brittney Hiller

Ah yes, that moment that hits us all at some point in our life. The dreaded thoughts and stories of, “oh, I HAVE to do..” “It’s Monday…” “I don’t have enough…” There are many more, but these few thoughts may play a frequent or infrequent role in your life. If they are infrequent, bless you, my friend you have mastered something magnificent!

However, if these thoughts seem more frequent in your life keep reading as I have some juicy material that may help you.

These thoughts may be ways to break us down instead of build us up. Do you find they occur every week for you or, heaven forbid, everyday? If it is everyday, resist the urge to beat yourself over the head in agony of being the everyday negative thinker, instead begin to implement these three actions into your life. Perhaps do them daily, right after your coffee.


Yes! Gratitude! You may have heard of this, the idea that we are grateful and the action of giving thanks for what it is we have in this moment; is achieved.

Start out your day by writing down three things you are grateful for in your life. When we notice the people, things, and feelings in our life that we are grateful for – it may generate something inside us that allows feelings of contentment and happiness. We begin to notice we are loved, we are needed, and indeed we are worthy.


Enjoy biking? The beach? Chatting with friends? A delicious cup of tea?

Do it! Add more of what you love doing into your life. It may seem like a simple piece of advice, but you will be amazed at how many of us do not do what brings us joy simply because we “do not have time in our day.” I am here to say, YES, we do! Notice what you spend most of your time doing and begin to bring more of what makes you happy into those time slots. Even if it is only five minutes – at least you did something joyous in your day.


Laughter! Yes, Laughter. The simple act of creating a boisterous belly laugh may uplift us in an instant. You know what? Laughter relieves stress and may calm feelings of anxiety. We also do not need someone or something to make us laugh. Honestly, just open your mouth and laugh. I bet you are laughing now! See how easy it can be? The bigger our laugh the deeper our breath ad the more oxygen we bring into our system.

If you may have forgotten how to laugh, contact me! I have an entire course dedicated to implementing laughter into your life, daily!

GRATITUDE, JOY, and LAUGHTER – The three steps to easy happiness in your life.

All you need to do is use your super power of action!

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