Training in the Rockies

By Connie Frenzel

Create lasting memories on a train holiday. Not just any train, but The Rocky Mountaineer, ranked by National Geographic as one of the world’s best. Since 1990, The Rocky Mountaineer has carried guests high into the heart of the Canadian Rockies and British Columbia. Today, multi-generation families often vacation together, and it is not uncommon to see three or four generations traveling on the train. The Rocky Mountain combines nostalgia with luxury and unparalleled service. On a scale of 1 to 10, a vacation aboard The Rocky Mountaineer could possibly score a 12 with you and your family.

Traveling via luxurious glass-domed cars, choose from four unique rail routes and dozens of packages.     Aboard, dine on cuisine featuring local inspired ingredients. Throughout your trip, world class hosts tend to your needs, as well as entertain with stories that mix history with legend.

Many passengers are introduced to The Rocky Mountaineer through the one day, “The Sea to the Sky,” Vancouver to Whistler trip. This is a perfect add-on to an Alaskan cruise vacation. The most popular trip is the 7-day First Passage to the West Canadian Rockies Highlights.   Departing Vancouver, picturesque coastal valleys gives way to the towering mountains.  During daylight, travel a breathtaking route past pivotal spots of Canadian history and the Canadian Pacific Railway.  At night, accommodations are at classic Canadian railroad stops.  Each day see some of the world’s most spectacular scenery just outside your window as you travel across mountains, lakes and bridges and through canyons.

Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf and Red Leaf are levels of service,  each offering a difference price point that reflects your choice of accommodations and food menus. Your hosts will be of service, from early morning coffee to interpretive storytelling to serving delicious meals, regardless of your service level.

No matter what your age, a vacation on this train will exceed expectations.    So, climb aboard! Soaring eagles, black bears, sparkling blue lakes — all await you on The Rocky Mountaineer.

Connie Frenzel is a Travel Advisor with Island Travel in Beaufort. Contact her at connie@islandtravel.com or call 843-525-0777.

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