Tips to have the cleanest spring ever

Walls and Ceilings: You may go over your walls with a dry mop or microfiber duster occasionally, but when was the last time you gave them a thorough, corner-to-corner clean? A vacuum attachment is great for this. In the kitchen, you can combat any surface buildup with vinegar or a solvent-free degreaser (as always, do a spot-test first).

Window Treatments: You’d be surprised how many curtains and draperies are machine-washable…and how many could use a good washing! As long as the label says it’s okay, go for it. Otherwise, make a spring tradition of sending them, and fabric shades, to the dry cleaner. Wipe down blinds with a warm, damp cloth with a bit of mild dish soap.

Upholstered Furniture: Take any removable cushions outside and gently beat them to remove dust (this would be a good time to beat any throw rugs, too).  Review care labels and treat any stains accordingly before replacing. Meanwhile, use your vacuum attachment to go over the entire piece of furniture and deep inside the crevices.

Waxing: Now that you can open the windows to air out the fumes, why not do some waxing?  Both wood and non-wood floors have surface-specific polishes designed to help them regain their luster, and wood furniture shines up beautifully with a paste wax and some buffing.

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