This Halloween, banish the bathroom’s boogeymen

Send Hair Terror To The Void. Forever: Before you get down to the actual scrubbing, use your vacuum on the  floor and (with the attachment) the shower curtain, even walls and the sink basin to pick up all those creepy stray bits of hair so they don’t cling to your microfiber cloth, mop or sponge.

The Perfect Spell for Soap Scum: Soap scum is a common foe, particularly for those with hard water. One way to keep it at bay is to use a squeegee from top to bottom on every surface of your shower’s interior (including curtain) every time the shower is used. If you are a squeegee slacker, wipe down the scum buildup with a slightly damp used dryer sheet. It is both less toxic and less expensive than most purchased cleaners and it works great.

Dissolve Wicked Water Stains:  For most bathroom surfaces, including porcelain, linoleum, stainless steel, aluminum and wallpaper, a solution of white vinegar and warm, sudsy water should wipe away hard water stains. On glass shower doors or the shower curtain, Merry Maids likes to use lemon oil.

The Best Trick For Grout: Vanquish grout grime with a wave of your magic wand, a.k.a. your steam cleaner attachment. It also works for getting into small crevices and hard-to-clean areas.

Toilet Trauma: Make sure you have a good bowl brush — one with straight, not crushed, bristles and that is curved so that it can clean under the rim — and encourage everyone in the household to use it on an as-needed basis. We recommend at least one sweep with the bowl brush a day. When you’re doing a full-on bathroom cleaning, as soon as you begin cleaning, spray the inside of the bowl with toilet cleaner or gel so that it has a chance to sanitize while you work on other things, then scrub with the brush later. Use a pumice stone on any stubborn rings.

Merry Maids of Beaufort is also hosting a Scariest Room in the House contest on their Facebook page from Oct. 1-30. Fans are asked to upload pictures of their scariest room, and they could win a free cleaning.

For more information, please contact Merry Maids of Beaufort at 843-522-2777 or like them on Facebook.

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