The Indie Film Corner: ‘The Unknown Known’

The Indie Film documentary “The Unknown Known” will be shown at USCB Center for the Arts, 801 Carteret St., on Monday, April 28 at 7 p.m.

In “The Unknown Known,” Academy Award-winning director Errol Morris (“The Fog of War”) offers a mesmerizing portrait of Donald Rumsfeld, one of the key architects of the Iraq War, and a larger-than-life character who provoked equal levels of fury and adulation from the American public.

Rather than conducting a conventional interview, Morris has Rumsfeld perform and expound on his “snowflakes,” tens of thousands of memos (many never previously published) he composed as a congressman and as an advisor to four different presidents, twice as Secretary of Defense. These memos provide a window onto history — not history as it actually happened, but history as Rumsfeld wants us to see it. Morris makes plain that Rumsfeld’s “snowflakes” — whether intended to elucidate, rationalize, obfuscate, or control history — are contradicted by the facts. “The Unknown Known” is an illumination of the mystery of Donald Rumsfeld, an unknown known.

Tickets are adults $7, seniors $6, and students $7. Contact the box office at 843-521-4145  or email Bonnie Hargrove at bhargrov@uscb.edu, or visit them online at www.uscbcenterforthearts.com.

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