The 21-day challenge

By Takiya Smith

We have all heard that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Whether that myth is fact or fiction, what could it possibly hurt to try? For starters, creating or breaking a pattern certainly takes commitment and will vary on an individual basis, considering your goals. Personally speaking, this past month, I embarked on 21 days of gorgeous.

Since I am always on the go, there have been plenty of days where it was quick, simple and easy to pull my hair into a ponytail, pull on some jeans, swipe on some lip gloss and go. Needless to say, there is absolutely nothing wrong with jeans, a ponytail or lip gloss, but this past month I made a decision to be fabulous everyday and everywhere I went. Instead of jeans, I wore skirts and dresses. Instead of flats, I wore heels and boots. Instead of a ponytail, I curled and styled my hair; and instead of lip gloss, I wore lipstick.

The choice was for myself and the benefits were certainly for me. No matter what I was doing, where I was going, who I was with, or what it was for, I looked good. The outcome was me feeling great. The irony of all this is not only did my looking good boost my exuberance, but it drew others to me as well. I received tons of compliments and was always greeted by smiles or friendly words. My habit-forming attitude to invest into my looks daily offered me a dose of self-confidence that was a remedy for well-being that was contagious.

So, whether it be a habit to start or a habit to break, take your very own 21 day challenge. For more info or questions and comments, visit my blog at www.blb-boutiques.com.

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