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OK, it’s all really about the economy

There is an age-old, home-spun platitude that is nonetheless true, as most home-spun wisdom tends to be: “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”  I have tried to change mostly unchangeable attitudes of determined folks, but I have been using high-test vinegar. Mea culpa.  Marinated in linguistic “honey,” I wish to encourage unvaccinated… Keep Reading

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It’s past time to handle these Jokers

I’m tired, aren’t you? It seems like we all are, for sure. Tired of the pandemic. Tired of the virus. Tired of humming “Happy Birthday” while we wash our hands. Tired of bottles of sanitizers and germ-killing wipes. Tired of Googling mask effectiveness. Tired of wearing masks. Tired of social distancing. Tired of not seeing… Keep Reading

Contributors/David Taub/Voices

Why is the Deep South still so broken?

Friends and foes alike recently scolded me that I will not convince folks to get vaccinated for COVID-19 by calling them “stupid.” Certainly, this is correct. I apologize, and merely say choosing not to get vaccinated is not a smart career move. That is the best non-insulting wise counsel I can offer, in this case.… Keep Reading


A Community Conversation

 Beaufort Mayor Murray, BMH doctor sit down to discuss COVID, vaccines as cases remain high in county, state  Above: Tony Junker, right, of S&K Signs and Designs, adjusts one of his cameras on Dr. Luke Baxley, left, an emergency room physician with Beaufort Memorial Hospital, prior to the start of the online “Community Conversation” on… Keep Reading



What to know about breakthrough COVID-19 infections As the Delta variant continues to spread, more breakthrough infections are being reported among those who have been vaccinated for COVID-19. “It’s not too unexpected that we are going to see breakthrough infections because we know that immunity doesn’t last forever,” explained Frank Esper, MD, infectious disease specialist… Keep Reading

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