Sunflower billboards supporting Ukraine coming to Beaufort


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Add Adams Outdoor to the entities showing war-devastated support for Ukraine through powerful imagery.

In a release, the company says that emulating so many artists through the generations, including the Dutch master Van Gogh, by finding peace and joy in the simple beauty of the sunflower, the campaign will feature a bright yellow sunflower bursting off a blazing cobalt sky.

It will serve as a beacon of support for Ukraine and its courageous citizens, in all of Adams’ 14 markets across seven states.

According to a company spokesperson, Adams has one of the sunflower billboards on U.S. Hwy. 170, near Anderson Funeral Home – motorists can see it as they are leaving Beaufort and traveling toward the Broad River Bridge.

There will be more billboards posted on U.S. 21 near MCAS Beaufort, as well as in Okatie in the coming days. Adams is posting a total of 25 throughout Beaufort, Jasper and Colleton Counties.

Ukraine’s enduring national flower has long been a symbol of joy and peace. The iconic sunflower image gained new relevance recently when a viral video, seen by millions, captured a brave Ukrainian woman forcefully demanding that invading Russian soldiers put sunflower seeds in their pockets, so the brilliant flowers could bloom where the enemy soldiers fell in battle.

“The sunflower plays a rich role in Ukrainian history as a symbol of resistance, unity and hope. In 1996, when the country gave up its nuclear weapons, Ukrainians planted sunflowers at the Pervomaysk missile base,” Adams Outdoor General Manager for the Eastern Pennsylvania market Tony Cioffi said in a release. “The bright yellow flower against the sky is also a nod to the iconic Ukrainian flag.”

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