Martha O'Regan

Suffering, struggling or barely surviving? Then change states


By Martha O’Regan

Depending on your current life disposition, some of you may hear this statement as “pack your bags and move to Nebraska” if life isn’t happening as you had always hoped. Hopefully, more of you heard, “if you want something different to occur in your life, change your state of being.” How you heard this statement will speak volumes about your level of awareness and how you are thinking. So, without judgment, simply “check in” to where your mind took you when you read the headline of the article.

Martha O'Regan
Martha O’Regan

While listening to one of my quantum science gurus, I received a major “ah-ha” that I intend to share in a way that creates immense change in many lives immediately, so here goes. Your personality is your personal reality and if you wish to create change, you must create a new personality, otherwise you continue to create your same reality.

OK, so what does that mean? Our personality is the cumulative repetition of the way we think, act and feel based on our environment, circumstances and conditions in our personal reality.  When we repeat the same thoughts, we make the same choices, generate the same behaviors, have the same experiences, produce the same emotions, which in turn form the same thoughts — and around and around we go for days, weeks, months, years, and decades creating the same personal reality. So we wake up one day and decide we are ready to create change in our life, yet we don’t change our habits then we get frustrated that change isn’t occurring. We humans are so quirky, aren’t we? But, we come by it honestly because we were never taught to do it any differently … until now.

So, without moving to a new state in the Union, we have to create union with a new state of being; one that will create change in our patterns, habits and reactions.

A state of being is when mind and body are working together to align with a specific destiny. Let’s look at some basic concepts. Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body.  Our thoughts produce an immediate chemical reaction in the brain which then stimulates a feeling in the body which then creates a similar thought producing the same feeling, creating the thought, then the feeling and over time creates memorized behaviors, emotional reactions, habits and our personal state of being.  So, if we are to create any change in our life, we have to create new thoughts in order to create new feelings, etc.  But how?

The first step is to shift the paradigm of “cause and effect” into “cause an effect.”  We have been raised in a culture that when good things happen, then we can be happy.  What if we could just be happy and begin to observe what happens in our lives?  Quantum law tells us that our environment is an extension of our mind and that if we want our environment to change, we have to change our minds or our thoughts.  This is contrary to the old way of thinking that we are a victim to what is happening to us externally.  Feels quite different, don’t you think?

The brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real or what is imagined, so if you are ready to create change, begin by imagining a new state of being.  If time, money and circumstances were not a factor, what would you love to be, do or have in your life?  Allow yourself to dream big, visualizing with full color and features, until you can feel it in your body and repeat as often as you can.  Creating new thoughts and patterns will create new feelings, producing new thoughts, stimulating new feelings, and so on and so on, until new patterns, attitudes, and behaviors emerge. Now, we have a new state of being. Give it a try.

Live Awake … Have Fun!

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