Storytelling opportunities

Quite a few opportunities are being arranged for people who want to share their tales, and for the folks who just want to listen too. Storytellers of all ages and styles should contact ARTworks about upcoming performances, competitions, and troupes. (379-2787!)

“Storytelling is an art form,” explains JW Rone, the executive director of ARTworks. “It’s a form of entertainment, a way to share history and culture. We are all storytellers.”

First, a Call for Liars: If you can spin a yarn, consider performing at ARTworks on Sundays, February 17, March 10, March 24 (all at 3 p.m.) and then compete at The BIG Story Fest & Liars Competition, April 11-14.

Bil Lepp, a five-time champion of the West Virginia Liars’ Contest, will serve as one of the judges and the MC of the BIG Liars Competition. The competition is open to all styles, ages, and residences. It’s an esteemed gathering of those who shoot the breeze with the greatest of ease, of the lying liars and the audiences who laugh with them. One round will occur during the festival, so out-of-towners can join in then. The finale is Sunday, April 14. Cash prizes will be announced, registration is $5 for kids under 18 and $10 for adults.

Since stories are seasonless, ageless and year-round, ARTworks is cultivating storytelling troupes based in schools, libraries and community venues. Troupers will work with experienced story-artists to shape and transform their tales. Contact JW Rone at ARTworks in Beaufort Town Center, Tuesdays-Saturdays and special events, 379-2787.

Finally, and most importantly, story-listeners should note that they can get an earful at any and all of these dates — bring a friend!

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