Kathy Crowther-Bay St. Gallery

Spring Art Walk

The Guild of Galleries will be participating in the Spring Art Walk on Saturday, March 17, from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Perfectly timed to be a great start for your evening’s festivities, the walk will have art for all tastes and desires. Here’s a look at the featured artists at each gallery:

Charles Street Gallery: Through April 1, the gallery offers a show of new work by Carol Henry, an international printmaker whose vibrant colors on paper reflect a beauty-saturated world. Henry lives in Beaufort a few months of the year, also maintaining a home and studio in Ireland.  843-521-9054, thecharlesstreetgallery.com.

Azaleas from my Garden by Sandra Baggette at Indigo Gallery.

USCB: 801 Carteret St. is showcasing 12 abstract artists including Deanna Bowdish, Joan Templer, Cindy Chiapetta, Marilyn Dizikes and Joe Dye. Vickie Jourdan’s “Attitude,” where bold reds and blended hues ring true to their title, is a painting that says as much about the artist as the observer. Far from subtle, it asserts itself dramatically.
Sharon Licata works in stone. Her sculpture named “Thunder” shows an amazing flexibility of design. The stone seems to swirl and wrap around itself forming an open space that defies credibility. Mary Jane Martin has produced a painting titled “Java.” Colorful patches appear to be escaping from the muted background, whereas in “Grounded,” a muted palette is used.
Following some of the concepts of color-mass abstract painting, Arla Crumlick  Wible has produced studies in Brown, Browns and Greens, while Irene K. Williamson brings a collage named “Interrupted” as well as an abstract painting called “Out of Control.” In this second painting, the vigorous swirls of color and mad splashes and dashes of paint appear to be out of control, yet the total environment is that of a carefully controlled painting.
Caroll Williams describes her art as 2-1/2 D. Her wall mounted artwork uses found objects and “turns them into something quite different from their original use.“ Her philosophy is to do as little as possible to these objects. “In that way, the qualities that originally attracted me to them continue to shine through.”

Kathy Crowther-Bay St. Gallery

I. Pinckney Simons Gallery, LLC: Karen Keene Day, wild horse artist and advocate, is back in Beaufort. A very powerful group of new paintings collectively known as “Moments With Wild Horses” will be on display. Karen’s paintings of the wild horses of Colorado capture the great drama  and excitement that can quickly unfold between the horses. This new series focuses on the young wild mare Alegre (Happy) and her mother Alpha.  Karen’s approach to painting is as energetic as her subject.  Acrylic paints are applied and removed with brush and large pallet knife which gives an astonishing sculptured texture of the entire surface.  Sizes span from 8” x 8” to 60” x 48.

The Craftseller: Located at 818 Bay Street, this shop features the work of more than 200 American craft artists. These artists, from 32 different states, work in many mediums such as glass, wood, clay, and jewelry. For more information, contact Charlie Williams at 525-6104.
LyBensons Gallery and Studio: A photographic exhibit by gallery owner Kenneth Hodges will be featured. The exhibit will include original photographs of such noted individuals as Rosa Parks, Dizzy Gillespie, Sammy Davis Jr., Maya Angelou, Coretta King and others. LyBensons will also feature an exhibit of historic posters by Jonathan Green. Many local and Gullah Artists will be on display along with  original and authentic African Art.

Fruitcup with Pigeon- Bill Mead-Bay st. Gallery

Beaufort Art Association Gallery: The nonprofit gallery at 913 Bay Street, will be hosting a grand re-opening of the jewelry exhibit “Polished and Eclectic,” with handmade sterling silver and vintage jewelry by featured artists Nancy Kates and Susan Palmer. The gallery will also have unique works by over 80 artists and artisans on display, including oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, photographs, prints, textiles, jewelry, and ceramic pieces. Not only will visitors have a chance to meet our artists; they can also get in the spirit by sampling some Guinness Gingerbread.

The Gallery: At 802 Bay St., there will be a fun and stimulating show for Spring Art Walk featuring furniture designer Rex Hunter (aka “Red Fish Rex”) and painter Marlies Williams in a joint show titled “Naturally Inspired.” Both artists are drawn to the natural beauty of the Lowcountry and harness their creative inspiration from their surroundings. Rex Hunter works with exotic woods celebrating the beauty of the grain and embellishes Mother Nature’s work by creating functional works that fit into any environment or aesthetic.  He loves to play with the contrast of different species and create final pieces that are graceful, simple and elegant.  Marlies Williams’ tactile paintings depict the beauty of the Lowcountry, but not of your normal perspective.  Ms. Williams concentrates on the intimate viewpoint of the marsh grasses.  Her paintings beautifully capture the subtly of the changes of the grasses as the seasons bring new life into the environment where water and earth collide.

Karen Keenes at I. Pinckney Simons Gallery: "Freedom Run,Wild Stallion From Disappointment Valley"

Indigo Gallery: Gloria Dalvini and Sandra Baggette both have a passion for painting in the wonderful area that surrounds them. Both artists are founding members of the Lowcountry Plein Air Society and enjoy the challenges of painting out in various locations. The artists will be available to discuss their work and the plein air experience at Indigo Gallery. Gloria Dalvini frequently explores and paints scenes that depict the essence of the Lowcountry, from the fantastic architecture to the surrounding marshes. Three Docks, a recent oil painting will be on display. Sandra Baggette’s heart is always in her garden whether she is outside painting in it or she brings bouquets inside to paint. The early arrival of the azaleas this year adds urgency to capturing them before we have a resurgence of a winter day. This is the essence of the plein air painting experience that she enjoys. This oil painting, Azaleas from My Garden is a combination of the view and the flowers she loves. Martha Young suffered a leg injury while riding her mo-ped. While recuperating, she started painting to pass the time. Her first painting was a gift to her granddaughter, Lilly, who calls her “MiMi”. Thus, although her name is Martha Young, the signature that appears on her paintings remains, “MiMi.”

Gullah Cottage-William Rhett III-Rhett Gallery

The Rhett Gallery: They will feature the work of the Rhett family, all talented artists. “Hawk Feather” is carved by William M. Rhett out of basswood and painted in oils.  “Marsh Harbor” is an original watercolor by Nancy Ricker Rhett and “Gullah Cottage” is an original watercolor by William Rhett III.

ArtLofts: Located at 208-B Carteret St., ArtLofts consists of the studios of seven diverse artists — Pam Hagan, Susan Knight, Pat Schad, Mary Grayson Segars, Susie Stockholm, Susan Stone and Donna Varner.  Visitors to ArtLofts will discover  a beautiful, well-lit space where they can watch artists at work or they can simply view the variety of different works on display.  ArtLofts offers high-quality Lowcountry scenes, contemporary mixed media pieces, unique jewelry, altered books, creative photography, and more.  Susan Knight is a silver jewelry artist who enjoys working with natural materials as her inspiration. Susie Stockholm’s focus is on abstract and contemporary painting collage and paper weaving. ArtLofts will also exhibit ‘fresh-off-the-press’ plein air works done by accomplished painters from Carrollton, Georgia.

Bay St. Gallery: At 719 Bay St. there will be many visual and tactile delights.  There will be paintings by Mary Segars,  Kathy Crowther and Bill Mead.  Nancy Pollock’s sculptures will amaze with their profusion of detail. The silk purses by Barbara James are beautiful and collectible. Jo Ann Graham’s lovely  original silver jewelry will tempt you and Donna Kirkpatrick’s black-and-white photography rounds out this talented collection of Lowcountry artists.

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