Sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone

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By Lee Scott

Each of us has our own comfort zone. That space where family, community and home feels safe and comfortable.

When we were children, we had our parents, teachers and coaches to push us.

“Go!” they would exclaim.

Now, as adults, we need those same people to remind us we are capable.

It happened to me recently.

Nancy Day, the president of Dataw Island Garden Club, asked me and another member, Christine, if we would be willing to participate in decorating the parlor at the Verdier House for the Dec. 2 Night on the Town event. This was a joint effort with six other garden clubs.

My initial response was, “Why me?”

Nancy assured me we could do it. “Go!” she said.

Truthfully, we questioned her judgment, but decided it was time we stepped out of our comfort zone and accepted the challenge.

We began our assignment by visiting the Verdier House and meeting with Jackie Wedler, the curator.

It’s always a good idea to pick the brains of someone who knows the subject matter.

She gave us the background of the house and told us what the owners would use to decorate it, which was mostly plants and fruit, but no Christmas tree.  Evidently, people would go to the Town Square to see a Christmas tree. It also meant no plastic, no fake plants, no glitter or sprayed pine cones. The 200-year-old house was to be decorated like it would have been in the early 1800s.

We sought advice from Maggie, the owner of Sweet Bay, and then a neighbor lent us a black wrought iron piece for our holly. We gathered magnolia leaves, pine needles, sweet grass, oranges, a pineapple and a host of evergreens to fill baskets and bowls to arrange into acceptable displays.

On the morning of the Night on the Town event, we pulled up to the Verdier House and joined the other garden clubs. The Sea Island Garden Club members were very encouraging.

After a few hours, we viewed our display with satisfaction and were pleased that we had accepted the challenge.

So, if you are sitting there in your own little comfort zone, you may consider stepping out of it and doing something new. You can always start by visiting the Verdier House on Bay Street. It is a comfortable zone.