Smart home device can protect home from leaks

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According to Turbeville Insurance Agency, water damage is the most common reason for a home insurance claim. So Flo Technologies has created a smart home device called Flo that  proactively monitors a home’s water supply and can detect leaks as small as a drip per minute anywhere in the home. 

After having the system installed on your home’s main supply line and downloading the app, Flo can immediately identify whether you have a leak in your home or not. If there is a leak, Flo will alert you to the vulnerability in your pipes and you can schedule maintenance or shut off the water directly from the mobile app. Also, if you’re on vacation and away from your smart phone, and  a burst pipe occurs, Flo will take action on your behalf by automatically shutting off the water and preventing flooding to your home.

South Carolinians have faced all kinds of natural disasters in the last few years from Hurricane Matthew and the 1,000-year flood to extreme winter storms in Beaufort and Charleston. Having an extra smart home device to control your home’s water is designed to give homeowners extra piece of mind.

For more information about Flo, visit As an added bonus, some home insurance policies will provide a discount on your annual homeowners policy if you install Flo. Talk to any local Turbeville Insurance agents to find out if you qualify for added savings.

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