Small ship cruising

By Connie Frenzel

If the mega ships are not your idea of a vacation, but you have the wander lust to set sail for beautiful ports, consider a cruise line offering smaller ships but with bigger experiences. Small ship sailing allows you to see the world in new ways. The growing travel trends are eco-tourism and adventure, perfectly suited to small ship cruising. Small ships offer more authentic, off-the-beaten path and customized experiences. On board guest speakers and tour-certified expedition leaders immerse you in visiting destinations. Smaller ships generally stay longer in ports, frequently with overnighting, permitting guests to explore the culture, art, history and the local cuisine.

Small ship sailing doesn’t sacrifice luxury. Cruise lines such as Azamara, Compagnie Du Ponant, Crystal, Paul Gauguin, Regent, SeaDream or Seabourn, boast elegant, sophisticated surroundings, stellar luxury amenities and first class staterooms.   On exquisite yachts to beautifully appointed sleek ships accommodating from 30 to 750 passengers, staff and crew are among the best in the cruising industry. Your vacation is virtually all-inclusive.  Examples could be airfare, shore excursions, zodiac expeditions, wines and spirits, cooking classes, exquisite dining choices and gratuities. When your small ship journey ends, you don’t have a large onboard expense bill as you might with mega ships.  Some travelers express, in comparison, that sailing all-inclusive is a cost saver over the “pay-as-you-go amenities” on larger ships.

Small ship vacations can be a sense of discovery and a sense of place. Small ship cruising is not limited in destinations. The ships travel the world visiting hidden harbors and friendly ports.  Explore the magic of the world, and the elegance, aboard a luxury small ship cruise line. Permission granted to come aboard. Unpack, unwind and smooth sailing … Bon Voyage!

Connie Frenzel is a Travel Advisor with Island Travel in Beaufort. Contact her at connie@islandtravel.com or call 843-525-0777.

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