Sheriff Tanner thanks community for cooperation during inclement weather

Sheriff PJ Tanner wishes to extend his sincere appreciation to the citizens of Beaufort County for their cooperation throughout last week’s winter storm event.

Thanks to the responsiveness by so many citizens to the Sheriff’s Office requests to limit non-essential traffic on our roadways, weather-related emergencies were significantly reduced. Motorists who did travel exercised due care and caution which assisted in keeping traffic accidents and property damage to a minimum throughout the county. Patrolling deputies performing reduced-speed escorts over icy and treacherous bridges were met by the full cooperation of approaching drivers.

All personnel of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office are appreciative of the understanding and patience demonstrated by our community in meeting the challenges that the unusual weather circumstances presented this week. While office and road closures may have presented inconveniences to the public, our area was fortunate to experience minimal disruptions and the overall response has been overwhelmingly positive.

As the Sheriff’s Office evaluates their response to this event and prepare for future events, they are appreciative of any feedback citizens may have to offer to help continue to provide the best services available.

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