Compassionate Beaufort Communities, the new kid in town

By Noel Tillman

I’ve lived in the Beaufort area for eight years and have had the opportunity to work with nonprofit groups such as CAPA, Second Helpings, and OLLI. I never felt more pride in being a resident than when I attended a Community Service Organizations meeting at the Baptist Church on Charles Street.  Twenty-five charitable organizations came together and described their latest efforts to meet the needs of the homeless, the hungry, and to provide many other types of assistance (legal, financial, spiritual, household goods and furniture, medical equipment, and more).  My take away from this meeting was:

• This alliance of organizations composed of mostly volunteers transcends race, gender, religion, economic status, politics, city and county lines to give their time and help to others.

• What an opportunity this is for many retirees in this area to “pay it forward” or give back by joining them and getting involved.

I am now volunteering with a group called Compassionate Beaufort Communities (CBC). The goals are to interface with many nonprofits, ministerial groups, and clubs to help spread the word about the “caring and sharing” efforts that are ongoing in our area.

Compassionate Beaufort Communities wants to continue to expand awareness of the good in our community. We are eager to meet with organizations and learn about their success stories and to share a new “pay it forward” program that targets “catching” someone showing compassion and thanking them in a discreet way.

Again, we hope to promote more empathy and less polarization in our daily lives, maybe even at our national political level, if you believe in miracles. But in the meantime, please follow us on Facebook at Compassionate Beaufort Communities and join in the conversation about building compassion in our community.

Find out more information or contact Compassionate Beaufort Communities online at cbc-sc.org or email CompassionateStory@gmail.com.


Compassion comes in all forms

Legal Aid is available to Beaufort and nearby county residents. Most of us think of donations of food, clothing, money, and shelter to those in need as traditional acts of compassion or ways to help others. How  many realize that legal aid given freely by those in the profession also qualifies?

One such group providing legal assistance is the Lowcountry Legal Volunteers (LLV). It is a service organization providing free assistance to individuals and families in financial need that reside in the Beaufort, Hampton, and Jasper area counties. Their work strengthens families and ensures legal rights are guarded.

Last year that donated service by LLV amounted to work on 222 cases and over 3,200 volunteer hours donated, not billable hours, to assist those with family law needs. This organization is hosting its 7th annual Celebration of Justice awards and recognition program on March 1, 6 p.m., at the Westin Hotel on Hilton Head Island.

Submitted on behalf of Karen Wilber Wessel, Hilton Head Island

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