Yoga teacher Brittney Hiller

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By Brittney Hiller

Not too long ago, I shared a very personal story on Facebook. My intention behind this share was simple: To inspire others to feel confident in sharing their significant stories, too.  We all have at least one story, or more, that has allowed for great growth and lessons learned, so if it can support someone else, why not just share it?

Yoga teacher Brittney Hiller
Yoga teacher Brittney Hiller

While in conversation with a massage client, the idea to share my story popped into my mind and I took action to share it with others. It was already posted on the “What I Be” Project’s website, so why not share it again? I actually didn’t expect anyone to read it, I thought it would get lost down the Facebook scroll drainpipe. Plus, I posted it on a sunny Saturday afternoon, during Water Festival for cryin’ out loud!

However, it didn’t get lost and it was read and shared by many and for that, I am thankful. The response I received from my share was overwhelming as I never expected it to reach so many — oh, the wonders of social media.

Apparently, my story touched a lot of people that day and inspired others to share their stories — not in a victimized way but rather an empowered, courageous way. Bravery lies in all of us and we must share our bravery to enliven another’s.

I enjoy beginning the rippling effect of conversations and bringing to life hope and inspiration into everyone I meet, why on earth do you think I’m a yoga teacher? To just yell at people all day and remind them to breathe? No! I get to inspire others every day, and I love it!

As a quick side note, my husband had a different response to my decision to share my story on social media. He thought a share on Facebook equaled a simple feed to the ego. He asked, “How many likes will you get? Is that what you’re after?” I told him I was not; I was after the ability to share. Although more people than I ever imagined saw (and possibly read) my story, my intention was for people to read it.  When we share our story from the heart rather than the ego, it becomes heartfelt by those who need to hear the underlying messages and lessons learned.

Although I am thankful for the love I received that day, as the memories came flooding back with fresh cleansing tears being shed, I am equally grateful for the overwhelming support, stories, and heartfelt confessions that my story inspired others to share.

Truly grateful and thankful, I am excited to see the bravery in you light up as you begin to share those stories that maybe you buried thinking no one would want to hear and have been afraid to tell. You just never know who you will touch or what ripple effect you will begin.

Brittney Hiller is known as one of the happiest Yogini’s — she has practiced yoga for over a decade and can be found at every yoga studio in Beaufort. Find out more information on her at www.brittneyhilleryoga.com.

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