SCEA endorses Ellis for SC Superintendent of Education


‘Ellis is an authentic advocate and ally to fight for students, families, and educators’

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South Carolina Education Association (SCEA) President Sherry East announced Wednesday, July 27, at SCEA Headquarters in Columbia that the SCEA has voted to endorse Democrat Lisa Ellis for the 2022 South Carolina State Superintendent race.

Ellis is running against Republican Ellen Weaver.

“We’re gathered at The SCEA’s historic headquarters. Two groups of teachers once divided by race bought this land together and built this building to serve as their home base as they forged a new path to deliver on the promise of public education for all students,” East said in a news release. “Today we recall that historic moment as South Carolina educators unite to fight for the future of public schools and for the education that South Carolina students deserve.”

The SCEA Fund for Children & Public Education is a Political Action Committee (PAC) established and funded by members of the SCEA to recommend and support public education champions for local, state, and federal office. No dues dollars enter the PAC and all donations made to the PAC are voluntarily made by members of Tthe SCEA.

Prior to earning The SCEA’s endorsement, the candidates were asked to complete a candidate questionnaire and participate in a screening interview with members of The SCEA serving on the PAC committee.

“The choice for The SCEA members was clear. Lisa Ellis is an authentic advocate and ally to fight for students, families, and educators. That is why the PAC voted unanimously to make this important endorsement,” East said. “Lisa was born and raised in South Carolina and has valuable experience serving students from the front lines of our public schools. We call on all educators and supporters of public education to unite to elect the candidate who is not only the most qualified but who will do the most good for all South Carolina students and school staff.”

The SCEA is the only professional association in South Carolina working with all educator advocacy groups and public education advocates in a coalition to elect champions of public education. For more information on endorsed candidates as endorsements are made and information on the upcoming election, visit www.thescea.org/votes.

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