Chris Suddeth

Resistance is not futile

By Chris Suddeth

As a lifelong Star Trek fan, I used to buy into the evil Borg’s maxim of “Resistance is futile.” Not only did I buy into it, but it never occurred to me that there could be any other way of navigating life.

Chris Suddeth
Chris Suddeth

Who hasn’t heard and abided by, “Walk it off. Suck it up. Don’t let them see you cry.” Or perhaps, “You don’t want to go there, it’s yucky. You wouldn’t like me if I’m angry, so I’m gonna bottle it up until I blow like a grenade.” Who knows what collateral damage I’ll create, but wouldn’t it be noble if I took one for the team?

If this doesn’t sound familiar, or you don’t see which way the wind is blowing, my point is that from an early age we’re taught to avoid pain. When we become adults we tuck the yuck away behind humor, flashy spending — whether we have the money or not — over-exercising, over-eating, over-anything, under-anything, being a D-bag, being a doormat… While avoiding pain is good for a child with a hot stove, we as adults can do better.

Women, in general, have an advantage over men in being mature enough to get upset over what’s bothering them, but men haven’t cornered the market in denial. I say to both sexes: Resistance is NOT futile, it’s the direction we need to run toward.

Maybe you don’t want to or can’t run toward whatever’s causing you pain spiritually, emotionally or physically, but to heal, you must. As we’ve already established, it’s human nature to avoid what’s icky and not so pretty. But if you’ll trust that this pain, whatever it may be, is your body’s way of telling you the direction you need to go, you’ll live a more stress-free existence. Your body is the only thing that never lies to you and if you’ll trust that, you’ll eventually move from just surviving to thriving.

Sure, it’s easier to turn to Western medicine for a cure. (BTW, cure implies that things never change, and change is the only constant we have on this Earth. I insist on using the word “heal” as opposed to “cure.”) While I always encourage my clients to consult with a doctor for what ails them, there’s more to the human condition than spitting out symptoms to a doctor as he zips off a script to Walgreen’s, gives you a slap on the back for good luck, and swooshes out the door  to his 20 other patients before you know what’s hit you.

Does the above run-on sentence ring that bell? Empower yourself by seeking out the holistic healthcare in Beaufort’s growing community. We as humans must engage our God-given intellect to meditate on and examine daily what feels yucky or simply what can be improved.

Recall that our bodies never lie to us, but our egos do it all the time. You can’t cover up a knee issue that’s not letting you move forward, a throat problem that’s not letting you speak your truth, or a lower back ache from having you very foundation rocked.

It is only when we become aware of the resistance that we can even do anything about it.

A Reiki Master, Shaman, Theta Healer, B.E.S.T. Coach, among other CAM (complimentary alternative medicine) practitioners, is equipped to raise awareness and then send you down the road to self-empowerment and healing. So, resistance is not futile, it’s a gift.

When Chris Suddeth (Sutty) isn’t being Mr. Mom to 5 year old Emma Belle, he balances his time between writing, real estate and supporting others’ healing through his personal blend of Reiki, Theta Healing, as well as teaching three levels of Reiki attunement classes. You can contact him at 843-263-2397 or chrissuddethccr@gmail.com.

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