Puppets at LIMS ROCK!

Grey Seal Puppets conducted a 3 day storytelling residency program at Lady’s Island Elementary in early April. Master Puppeteer, Drew Allison, began the residency with a performance of his own story called A Tangled of Tales using his handmade puppets for the K- 3rd graders. It was followed by a demonstration on puppets making for our 2nd and 3rd grade students.

Each day students were put in collaborative groups where they created their own characters based on their personal version of A Tangle of Tales. They also built their own puppets to bring their characters to life. Each class was able to perform for each other at the end of the residency, receiving applause and constructive comments from their peers.

The students were very engaged in this theatrical learning experience and being able to share their own imaginative ideas with each other. This residency was made possible through the school’s arts grant.

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