Pre-sent from the past and into the future


By Martha O’Regan

We are living in a very exciting time as human consciousness continues to expand in ways that even a few years ago were only shared by a small number of open minded individuals and certainly not in a public arena. Now the lines that have kept so many structures separate are beginning to soften, blur or completely vaporize as families and communities come together to discuss ways to grow, create change and evolve as a culture. Diversity in ideas and beliefs are more accepted as the need to judge someone else’s views as right or wrong, bad or good, is being replaced with the ability to see that many parts create the whole. No longer are we settling that everything has to look a certain way or that we need to follow the ‘sheeple’ by doing what everyone else is doing. We are beginning to believe again in the power of love, compassion, equality, and joy more than we can remember.

There are many scientists, teachers, guides and gurus out there sharing the fact that we create our reality from things we can’t touch, see, hear, or often even imagine and we’re buying it…at least as much as our brains can handle. Why? I believe it is because we can sense it deep in our core as a spiritual knowingness that has always been there, but is just recently re-awakening. The challenge is that even when we can feel it, we still want it to make sense and to be able to have an intelligent linear conversation about it, yet the quantum world is far from sensible or linear. Books about returning from near death experiences, reuniting with past lives, setting intentions or manifesting your dreams, goals and desires all share the same theme…..we are bigger than we think we are. We are more than we can think we are because we are infinite and go beyond space and time. That is all fine and good, but, what about right here, right now? How do we use this amazing knowledge to live in our world today, pay our bills, manage a home and family, and maintain health and well-being? The answer we are given is to live consciously each and every moment, watch what unfolds based on what shows up in front of us, and simply ask ‘how is this serving my highest good’, ‘what is this teaching me’ or ‘how/why the heck did I create this’? Sounds so simple…just not always easy, especially at first while we learn to weed through all of the distractions that we have created to make our lives make sense or to keep us safe. These are the structures we can begin to dissolve as we choose to wake up to new possibilities.

I just love looking at words and trying to imagine who made them up and what they must have been thinking at the time. While contemplating what it means to stay in the present moment, I saw the word through the quantum field and it hit me that each moment has been pre-sent from something I thought, said, heard, believed or created from the past. Likewise, every thought, word and deed that I may be having right now is being pre-sent to become my future. Whoa….right? That moment changed everything for me allowing me to catch those thoughts that I certainly have no desire to manifest on any level, and shift them immediately into something that I would love to create. Of course, I miss a few along the way so when that unexpected or bizarre experience shows up ‘out of nowhere’, I can trust that it is ‘just what I asked for’ from somewhere in my past and can begin to explore the ‘why’ without judgment or upset but with curiosity and discovery. So, take the challenge to observe what shows up as this ‘pre-sent’ moment without judgment and take care in what you pre-send into tomorrow. Live Awake….Have Fun!

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