Performance brings Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ to life

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A special Lowcountry birding event will be held Monday, Feb. 12, from 2-4 p.m. at Magnolia Hall in Sun City with “Rachel Carson: A History Alive performance by Caroline McIntyre.”

Step inside the revolutionary book that changed America, “Silent Spring” as

Rachel Carson reveals the reckless destruction of our living world. Written more than 55 years ago, “Silent Spring” inspired the environmental movement and has never been out of print. The book entered the words “ecology,”

“reverence for life” and “balance of nature” into our common language. It inspired a nation to proclaim “our fundamental right to a healthy environment.”

It etched on our national consciousness the Jean Rostand words: “The obligation to endure, gives us the right to know.”

Caroline McIntyre will appear as Rachel Carson and speak in Carson’s profound, prophetic and poetic words. It is a powerfully uplifting glimpse of a personal struggle, witness for nature and ground-breaking crusade against the reckless

pollution of the environment. The audience will be able to ask questions and talk with this expert about the work of Rachel Carson, as well share their own experiences.

For more information, contact Pete Richards at 843-441-2153.

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