Participate in the Hunting Island Fall Beach Sweep

It’s that time again. The end of summer is drawing near and volunteers are needed for the Hunting Island Fall Beach Sweep on Saturday, Sept. 6. Registration starts at 10 a.m. at the lighthouse picnic area, followed by a giant cookout put on by the Lowcountry Rotary, starting at about noon. Trail maintenance will be included in the Cover-Friends of Hunting Islandsweep. If you have “man tools” such as blowers, shears, trimmers, etc., please bring those along. Kayakers are needed for the shores of Russ Point Landing, around the Nature Center and the lagoon area. Bring the whole family and invite friends to take part in this cleanup of our beautiful state park and natural resources. Join Friends of Hunting Island to help keep the beach and park clean. For more information, contact Litter Control Director Vicki Anne Nestor at 843-575-0724 or vanestor@hargray.com, or Assistant Litter Control Director Jane Ann Lotton at 843-379-5821 or janeann731@hotmail.com.

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