Organize your storage areas once and for all

A Bin for All Seasons: This time of year, many retailers stock up on plastic bins of all shapes and sizes as loss-leaders — meaning they price them low because they are counting on people to go into the store to purchase them and buy other items while they’re there. Take advantage of the sale prices while they last, and you will have enough bins to get you through the year. We’re big fans of color-coding for each season, but if that’s not an option, prominently placed labels will do the trick.

Buy Multiples, Not Mega: When you want to store a lot of items, it’s tempting to buy one huge storage crate, but beware: If it’s too heavy or so big that you need to tuck it back in a dark corner, you are less likely to pull it out — or put it away properly — when you need it. Instead, buy lots of medium-sized bins with tightly-fitting lids and handles. That way, you can easily stack them and shuffle things back into place once you have what you need.

Take a Picture, It Lasts Longer: This is especially helpful when you’re storing seasonal décor. Tucking a picture in the bin of its contents (or, better yet, taping it to the outside) will tell you exactly what’s in there and how you might wish to use it next time.

Plastic Isn’t Always the Future: As useful as plastic bins are, they aren’t always the way to go. Here are some items that are best stored in other materials:

• Clothing: Over time, plastic can emit gasses that penetrate your clothing and leave a permanent odor. It is better to store your clothing and linens wrapped in acid-free paper, then in clean white sheets or cloth or canvas garment bags. Fabric needs to breathe, so avoid keeping it in anything air-tight.

• Photos: Many plastics contain chemicals that could ruin your photographs. For best results, avoid allowing your pictures to come in contact with plastic (even the plastic pages of a photo album) unless the label clearly states that the product has passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT).

• Cleaning supplies and household chemicals: It’s one thing to have a plastic tub under the sink filled with the products you use on a regular basis, but avoid using plastic for deep storage of potentially hazardous chemicals. If a leak were to occur, there’s no guarantee the plastic would not be corroded, causing further damage and possibly dangerous fumes.

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