New web-based process for parents to register students

Parents in the Beaufort County School District can now fill out most of their children’s school registration materials from home using a new web-based system that became operational today.

Using “InfoSnap,” parents can access customized online forms for each student to update student information, provide emergency contact and vital medical information, read and agree to important notifications and sign up for special school services.  In the past, parents had to travel to their children’s schools and fill out forms on site.

As an added bonus, parents with more than one child in district schools can copy many basic registration materials rather than filling out separate forms for each child.
“From the parent’s perspective, it means not having to fill out a bunch of paper forms, checking tiny boxes and crossing out mistakes,” said Superintendent Jeff Moss. “From the school’s perspective, we’re drastically reducing the amount of paperwork and clerical work associated with registration each August.”

Parents will receive a unique “Snapcode” for each child enrolled in a district school.  Snapcodes will be sent by e-mail this week to the families of 14,000-plus students with registered e-mail accounts.  Parents without e-mail accounts can either register at their child’s school or call their school for more information.

Parents will log into the InfoSnap site using the link provided in the e-mail or letter and create an account similar to what they currently do in the district’s “Parent Portal” system.  Parents must complete all of the information required before submitting the form, but uncompleted work can be saved and accessed later by logging back into their account. Once the form is submitted, parents will be asked if there is another student to register. Information that is applicable can be copied from the first child’s form to the second child’s.

Many parents have already “preregistered” their children for the upcoming school year, said Elaine Morgan, the district’s Director of Data Services.  But she said that those parents may still wish to create an InfoSnap account as an easy way to verify the information in their children’s files.  School data specialists are currently loading preregistration materials supplied by parents during the summer. Morgan cautioned parents that new students who were registered within the last two weeks may find that all of their information has not yet been entered into the system.

Parents will still be required to provide “proof of residence,” either in person at their children’s schools or by submitting the necessary forms to the school by mail.

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