New man-made reef comes to Port Royal Sound


The Coastal Conservation Association sunk a 55 foot decommissioned Navy troop transport this week in order to create a nearshore reef off Port Royal Sound.

The structure sits in approximately 50 feet of water and is expected to create much needed habitat for nearshore species. The location is about 5 nautical miles off of Fripp Island and Hilton Head Island near the mouth of the Port Royal Sound.

One of the many important missions of CCA is to help increase and improve habitat for fish and other marine life.  The use of nearshore reef building is extremely important because the man-made reef gives cover for marine species during their life cycle.

The barge was deployed on May 25th and is one of several that have been deployed along the South Carolina coast. In addition to this type of habitat, CCA has also been responsible for several oyster bed restorations.  When you see the DNR oyster wagons in town, those are also supplied by CCA.

Several banquets are held annually to raise money for the state to help preserve these wonderful resources for future generations. To get involved please contact Michael Mark 843-812- 6023, Tom Adylette 843-812- 4900 or Danny Rourk 843-263- 3863. Or go to

Top photo: Similarly, a large fleet of spectator boats gathered to watch the sinking of the first barge on the S.C. Memorial Reef in Charleston. Photo by Jamye Horres Hurteau of the Post and Courier.

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