New ambulances added to Beaufort f  leet

Beaufort County Emergency Medical Services will soon be adding three ambulances to the streets to replace parts of the current fleet. The trucks are being lettered and are having equipment installed and should be put into service in the coming weeks.

Beaufort County Council just approved the purchase of two more ambulances that will be bought later this year. Money was also approved to hire staff for the two new ambulances. One of the new ambulances will be placed north of the Broad and one will be placed south of the Broad.

“Having more ambulances on the street allows Beaufort EMS to offer better care to our residents. This will help decrease response times and provide faster and better service for those who have emergencies. The paramedics can get to the patients quicker and transport them to the hospital,” said Beaufort EMS Director Donna Ownby.

New Beaufort County ambulances.
New Beaufort County ambulances.
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