Memories of Beaufort land, sky and language

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By Cynthia Gregory-Smalls
My fondest memories of living in Beaufort are the beauty of the land, its people, and the language.
First, the skies are most radiant at night. Sometimes the stars seem to scoop down so low into our troposphere that you feel you can just reach out and touch them, but you know if you altered one thing it would be missing from creation.
Second, is the beauty of the land, especially on St. Helena Island. It cannot be compared to any place I have visited in my lifetime. The wonder of it and its beauty can only be compared to heaven in my eyes.
Third, is the language. I know how it began and why: survival. This language sends my heart and my head to a peaceful place. It helps me to know that my survival was necessary. And more importantly, the language is inspiring, encouraging and engaging.
In summation, these three components of my fondest memories of Beaufort, South Carolina, are components that I treasure and hold dear.

Beaufort Then & Now: This moment in Beaufort’s history is an excerpt from the book “Beaufort … Then and Now,” an anthology of memories compiled by Holly Kearns Lambert. Copies of this book may be purchased at Beaufort Book Store.  For information or to contribute your memory, contact Holly at or