Meeting passionate people is part of the Beaufort experience

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By Lee Scott

Throughout the year, I have met so many passionate people in our community, wonderful people who belong to nonprofit organizations helping our community; teachers who shine at educating children; and business people who love to talk about their products.

It is very inspiring to listen to any of these people talk. Recently I heard a couple speak about their nursery farm business.

George and Sandy Cannon own Cannon Farms and are just one of the many vendors at the Port Royal Farmer’s Market on Saturdays mornings.

George was the primary speaker, but Sandy was right there to help.

The thrust of the talk was camellias, although they sell other plants. This is a plant I had never come across until I moved to Beaufort. George said it was not surprising that I was not familiar with them, because they are mostly grown in the Southeast.

Before the presentation, I had a chance to talk to George and knew right away that I would like him. He had a confident attitude that was not pretentious.

His wife Sandy sat fairly close to me during the lecture, leaning forward in her chair and nodding her head as he spoke. And occasionally she would get his attention to remind him of a topic he wanted to cover. He would gesture a look of appreciation to her. “Oh, that’s right.” he would say and expand on whatever she had mentioned. A good team.

The talk was very informative. George taught us all about camellias and how to take care of them. He talked about how many variations of camellia plants he raises (about 25-30), and then talked about raising his three sons on the farm.

Afterwards, he allowed time for questions and willingly answered the host of questions thrown at him.

But the best part of the talk was his enthusiasm and obvious love of his camellias. He touched the plants he had brought like they were friends. I know this feeling because I touch and talk to my indoor plants all the time, begging them not to die

It was a good start of the new year to hear this information. My yard is full of camellias and I needed to understand how to care for them.

I thanked George and Sandy for coming and said they would be seeing me more often at the Saturday Farmer’s Market.