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Two shows by Hank Herring celebrate Black History Month

“Imagination Unlimited” is the newest solo show to be gracing the walls and occupying the feature gallery at ARTworks, the result of Hank Herring’s latest creative endeavors. Herring will be featuring three distinct series in the show — masks, Adinkra symbols and functional pieces encompassing his lifelong journey of creating, learning, living and inspiring.

"Changing of the Guard" by Hank Herring
“Changing of the Guard” by Hank Herring

“This show will be a tribute to all the people that have made an impact in my life from friends and acquaintances to ancestors and mentors, I’m taking the lessons I’ve learned in my life and applying them to my art,” states Herring.

Herring’s love of “rescued materials” will be the true focus of this show. “As a whole, we have become such a throwaway society,” he said.

Hank’s goal is to bring these once random and unconnected objects together to create a unified and engaging piece of art. Whether it is made of wood, paper, textiles or metal, it matters not, he beautifully melds all these materials together. “Imagination Unlimited” showcases Herring’s years of knowledge and skill with materials and tools. His first creative tool was a whittling knife his grandfather gave him as a small boy, and creating has been his life’s passion since.

As a bonus, Hank Herring will also be gracing the stage at ARTworks with his one-man show “Frederic Douglas, Making of a Man.” Herring will be telling the story of Frederic Douglas and reciting one of his famous speeches. Douglas is an inspiration to all — an escaped slave who taught himself to read, write and even created one of the

Hank Herring
Hank Herring

first African American newspapers.  Herring sees the lessons he learned in his life following a similar path to that of Douglas, a beautiful pairing to celebrate Black History month.

All of this can been seen at ARTworks, 2127 Boundary St. Opening reception for “Imagination Unlimited” will be Friday, February 7, from 6 to 8 p.m. “Frederic Douglas, Making of a Man” will be at ARTworks on Thursday, Feb. 13 and Friday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m.

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