Lunch Bunch enjoys dinner at Berry Island Cafe

By Kim Harding

Berry Island Cafe, located in Newpoint Corners on Lady’s Island, has been a favorite lunch spot for Beaufortonians for many years.  Recently, owner Charlie Nolette decided to expand his hours and stay open for dinner  Wednesday thru Saturday.
Dinner at Berry Island is just as fresh and homemade as lunch has always been.  The Lunch Bunch was fortunate enough to sample many of his new dinner dishes this week.  We have several suggestions for you, and must admit that we had a very hard time deciding what our favorite dish was.  They were all amazing.

Charlie suggested that we start out with his favorite appetizer, the Cheese Boxes, a vary reasonable $5. This amazing recipe was handed down to him from his mother-in-law. (Yes, sometimes they can be helpful!)  We were a bit skeptical, but when we smelled it coming, we knew it was a winner. Cubed sourdough bread in a cheddar batter and baked to perfection.  Oh yeah, and homemade ranch dressing for dipping. We almost took each other’s fingers off fighting for the last bite!

The choice of entrees is vast, with a little something for everyone.  There are only seven different items on the menu, but each one is totally different.  Heather opted for the classic Crab Cake that is Berry Island is famous for at lunch. You can never go wrong with the Jumbo Crab Cake, served with seasonal veggies and slightly spicy wasabi mashed potatoes that aren’t as hot as the name makes them sound.

Nancy ordered the Shrimp and Grits Two Ways.  What is this, you ask?  It’s cheddar and jalapeno grits poured around a grit cake, topped with shrimp and sauteed with mouthwatering tomato and bacon.  According to Nancy, it will make you wanna slap your mama! We all sampled it and agreed that it would win the Lunch Bunch all-around favorite dish of the night.  And at only $13, this huge portion would be enough for two to share.  What a deal.

Since Pamela and April were both out of town this week, we brought along our “junior lunch bunchers,” Perry and Anna Katherine. My two daughters love to eat as much as their mother does, and they love only the best. Put away the kids menu, these two wanted to split the marinated flank steak cooked medium rare. It was served with the wasabi mashed potatoes, which they devoured, and the seasonal vegetables that they happily gave away to the adults. Meat and potato girls for sure! Priced at $14, this sweet and juicy steak was the perfect portion for them to share, although their mama could have easily eaten the entire thing.

The surprise of the night was the Bison Burger that Elizabeth ordered.  Now, you know that girl can eat, but even she couldn’t finish this tremendous half pound burger mixed with smoked gouda cheese chunks and served on a Bavarian roll.  There was enough for us all to give it a try, and we all agreed that everyone should order one of these at least once in your life.  It was surprisingly juicy and delicious and we would recommend it the next time you are really hungry!

Pan fried chicken breast marinated in buttermilk, served with wasabi mashed potatoes and greens.

Being the comfort food junkie that I am, I ordered the pan fried chicken breast marinated in buttermilk, served with the wasabi mashed potatoes and the most incredible greens I’ve ever tasted.  Born and raised in South Carolina, I’ve tasted just about every type of “green” that you can come up with.  So I thought. Charlie pickles these greens and admittedly,  I wasn’t so sure about this.  “No knuckles,” Charlie said. “All vegetarian.” Well,  in my book, that meant “no flavor,” but I was wrong! They are a must-have.  Spicy and pickled with sun dried tomatoes. Even the kids loved them.

With a wide selection of wine and beer, Berry Island is the perfect spot for a delicious, affordable dinner on Lady’s Island.
And don’t forget the ice cream! Always homemade and a must-have for lunch or dinner. Thanks, Charlie, for another fabulous lunch bunch experience!

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