Lowcountry Master Gardeners Association kicks off their “Lunch and Learn” series

The fifth year of the award winning gardening series, “Lunch and Learn” begins Saturday, April 18th. The Lowcountry Master Gardeners Association sponsors these free Saturday noon programs at the Gazebo at the Port Royal Farmers’ Market at Heritage Park. Lectures, workshops and classes are led by local professionals and Master Gardeners.

“No where else can you find the kind of climate specific gardening help you get at ‘Lunch and Learn’. These classes are valuable sources of information from gardeners who have experience in gardening in this unique climate,” says the program’s producer, Sandra Educate.

No registration is necessary and the classes are free—just bring a folding chair to the Gazebo at noon. Every class has exciting door prizes and plants to give away. The series runs from April 18th through August 29th.

2015 “Lunch and Learn” Schedule

•  April 18 – Program title: Making Good Bones with speaker J. Weidner. It all starts with “The right plant, in the right place, in the first place”.

•  April 25 – Program title: Gardening for the Physically Challenged and Just Plain Lazy Gardener with speaker Alice Massey. Shortcuts, tips and tools to help you get up, down and around the garden with the least effort.

•  May 2 – Program title: Hypertufa Containers with speakers Marti Webster and Sandra Educate. Learn how to make these concrete look-alike, but lightweight containers. We’ll give away what we make!

•  May 9 – Program title: Air Layering with speaker Will Balk. A 2 foot clone of your favorite plant in the same time it takes to make a 2” inch cutting!

•  May 16 – Program title: Drip Irrigation with speaker Hugh Jamison. Hands down, the best class for saving money in your garden. And yes, you can do it.

•  May 23 – Program title: Going Bananas with speaker Pat Lauzon. Edible and ornamental. They can fruit here in the Lowcountry… If you treat ‘em right.

•  May 30 – Program title: Camellias with speaker George Cannon. The mainstay of Lowcountry fall and winter gardens.

•  June 6 – Program title: Trees and Shrubs with speakers Robbie Robertson and Sandra Educate. We’ll show you the correct way to plant by planting one right here at the Gazebo.

•  June 13 – Program title: Orchids, Epiphytes and Succulents with speaker Martha Jamison. What other perennial plants do you know of that bloom for months and months?

•  June 20 – Program title: Daylilies and Ground Covers with speakers Natalie Bowie and Susan Simmons. The Dynamic Duo will give you the straight skinny on both.

•  June 27 – Program title: Carefree Plants with speaker Jenny Staton. Plant ‘em and forget ‘em. Almost. Just get them off to a good start.

•  July 4 – Program title: Put Up Jobs with speaker Sandra Educate. Our grannies called it “putting up.” Preserve nature’s bounty by canning, freezing, drying and pickling.

•  July 11 – Program title: Wreaths from Back Yards, Ditches, and Thrift Shops with speakers Peggy Allard and Sandra Educate. Spend pennies to make these look like designer florist creations.

•  July 18 – Program title: Ornamental Grasses and Sedges with speaker Gary Baker. There is a grass for every place in your garden. Old favorites and new introductions.

•  July 25 – Program title: Fall Vegetable Gardens with speaker Laura Lee Rose. Start now and you can harvest ‘till spring. As always, there will be seeds to share.

•  August 1 – Program title: Rain Gardens Look Down My Rain Barrel Slide Down My Cellar Door with speaker Joe Allard. The beautiful answer for a place that floods or has poor drainage. And a Rain Barrel for a door prize!

•  August 8 – Program title: Hummingbirds with speaker Sue Roderus. Invite these enchanting creatures into your garden.

•  August 16 – Program title: Fall Color with speaker Carol Guedalia. Brighten your landscape and garden right into winter.

•  August 22 – Program title: Gardening is for the Birds with speakers Jenny Station and Alice Massey. Or it should be! And a surprise visit from a feathered friend or two!

•  August 28 – Program title: Keeping it Growing with speaker Amanda McNulty. Our signature end of season class. Put on your funny hats and come!

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