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Boat detracts from beautiful view
Not much is more beautiful than the view of Beaufort from the Richard V. Woods Bridge. Marring that view is that hideous looking boat anchored at the entrance to Factory Creek at the south end of the bridge onto Lady’s Island. You all know which one it is. Isn’t there some way it can be required to move to an area where it can slowly rot away out of sight? It is like a boil on otherwise beautiful skin.

Shame on the owner of ugly boat
This jalopy of a boat infuriates me! Doesn’t this violate something with DNR, DHEC, city codes, county codes — anything? How is this OK? I cut down a tree in my yard without a permit and I get a fine. The owner of this boat should be ashamed of his selfishness of destroying the natural beauty of the Beaufort River for us all. Shame! Shame! Shame on you! Political leaders or government officials, please do something about the location of this unattractive boat.

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