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Could Battery Park be more user friendly?
Some years ago two old buildings were removed from the area adjacent to Wendy’s on Boundary Street.  An historical marker was placed designating a former Civil War fortification, now known as Battery Park.  What a nice improvement to this site. I am sure at least one park bench was installed at this time overlooking the far reach of Battery Creek, but there is no place to park to visit this park. A curb cut exists but wooden posts block any possibility of entering. Perhaps whoever is in charge might explain?

Watching, wondering what workers do
Recently while walking my dog I noticed a bobcat, a dump truck, a pickup pulling a large trailer and five workers making their way down my street, “edging” the over-growth off the curb area. When I inquired as to the necessity for all the equipment, a worker informed me that all edged material goes into the dump truck for disposal.
“Then what?” I asked.
He just gave me a glassy-eyed stare, then replied, “We dump it.”
“Where?” I followed.
To which he replied, “Wherever.”
So instead of just throwing or power brushing the dirt and sand BACK into the yard from which it came, they truck it off to who knows where (landfill, trash pile, recycle bin, etc), thereby facilitating further erosion out of the neighborhood yards, not to mention wasting lots of money on equipment, fuel, payroll and other various costs.
You see, one drives the bobcat, one drives the dump truck, one supervises (I guess that’s what he was doing), and two move the warning “MEN WORKING” signs little by little down the street as the procession moves along. Does NOT make sense to me.  How about you?
What adds insult to injury is the fact that all three “on-the-ground” workers were on their respective cell phones THE ENTIRE TIME! They weren’t working, they were hanging out while holding a shovel and collecting a paycheck from the city.

Signal at Craven and Charles streets tricky
The traffic signal at the corner of Craven and Charles streets needs re-programming. This North-South route on Charles Street is a regular for me. The problem is the signal changes to red just for the sake of changing.  It will automatically change just on a whim quite regularly regardless of no traffic on Craven. A calming effect is not needed here.

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