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Could walkover be considered to help curb pedestrian traffic?
Now that Beaufort Memorial Hospital has decided to megopolis both sides of Ribaut Road and has created a large pedestrian problem, has anybody ever heard of a walkover? Yeah, I know they aren’t pretty to look at but they are very effective, can be made handicapped accessible and eliminate the pedestrian crossing at street level completely. TCL has had a very effective tunnel for 25 years.

What are the realities behind city’s right of way acquisition?
It was with interest that I read the latest issue of The Island News while eating breakfast at Bojangles on a day off from work.  Mayor Keyserling’s article “Straight Talk With The Mayor” pretty well messed up my country ham biscuit.
The article was about the Boundary Street Redevelopment (you know, we just can’t make it without it); the section that bothered me most was on right of way acquisition.  Mayor Keyserling talks about how the taking of people’s property will be done in accordance with federal and state law, and homeowners will be offered “comparable housing” as well as paid fair market value. As a Realtor, a piece of property may be just a commodity to be paid a commission on; but for many people, a house is a home, a respite from the world, our little piece of the world that belongs to us.  A home is so important that in SC a homeowner may use deadly force to protect themselves in the face of danger.   I like the old saying that a dog may turn tail and run; but only till it gets to it’s own yard.  Why?  When it gets home, it has nowhere else to go, so it will turn and fight.
I have approached the intersection at Highway 21 and S.C. 170 for 15 years each day in the morning and afternoon on the way to and from work, and never have I felt the need to spend a couple million to realign the intersection.
I guess if the government can make Outback replace their wrong shade green roof and stall Bojangles freestanding road side for over a year, a homeowner stands no chance in the right of way acquisition fight.  The city government, along with multiple other commissions, agencies, and boards, is starting to look like the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Just hope they don’t set their sights on your home, property or business next.

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