Lowcountry author pens international thriller

Gibbes McDowell to launch Dragon’s Mouth

By Wendy Nilsen Pollitzer

Gibbes McDowell is a third generation Beaufortonian and author who will be launching his second book, Dragon’s Mouth, on Saturday, Nov. 20. McDowell published his captivating first book, Driftwood Unmasked, in 2018.

A soft-spoken gentleman and sportsman, McDowell is a critical thinker who gathers information by observation, experience, reflection and reasoning as a guide to his beliefs and actions. He was a history major in college who developed an understanding of the world by connecting significant events of the past. He is an avid bow hunter who revels in the mystery and wonder of nature and its creatures. He is a track and field athlete who is dedicated to healthy habits and enhanced mental performance. He has all the attributes of a skillful writer … attention to detail, discipline and clarity.

McDowell encountered a rough patch on his life’s journey. He could have chosen one of two paths: the self-destructive route to lost dreams or the ambitious road to fulfill his destined purpose. As a former high school track and field athlete and state record holder, McDowell relied on self-control and determination to receive a scholarship to college.

Later in life, when he approached this fork in the road, McDowell decided it was time to channel that positive athletic energy again. He trained the boys and girls pole vault teams at Beaufort High and led them to back-to-back state championships. During this coaching era, McDowell found routine and more time to pursue his true passion – writing. And his dream is coming true.

The genesis of Dragon’s Mouth came after a visit to McDowell’s son in Jackson, Wy., and Yellowstone National Park, where the Indian-named spring, Dragon’s Mouth, actually exists.

(As an aside, Dragon’s Mouth is a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park. Located to the left just down the boardwalk from Mud Volcano, Dragon’s Mouth Spring boils out of a deep cave. Gasses and steam are released deep in the cave, creating pressure bubbles that explode against the roof of the cave. As this occurs, it creates a kind of booming and gurgling noise that is echoed through the cave and can be heard from the boardwalk. The sound resembles the growling of an animal. Due to the high temperature of the water, large amounts of steam rise from the mouth of the cave, giving the impression of smoke billowing from the mouth of a dragon.)

McDowell compiled extensive research in geology, religious history and military intelligence to write a novel about the possible Armageddon of America. In fact, the research is so accurate, the thriller reads as if it could be a premonition of fact, not fiction.

Geologists have long studied the huge reservoir of hot magma under Yellowstone’s surface that could fill the Grand Canyon 11 times and its history of eruption every 600,000 years. Based upon Yellowstone’s geologic history, the next eruption is 10,000 years overdue.

Eruption could bring modern life to a halt as deadly ash would spew for thousands of miles across the country, destroying buildings, killing crops, and affecting key infrastructure.

So, what if that actually happened?

McDowell weaves a story of terrorist intelligence, geological warfare, military strategy and even a little romance into a compelling, action-packed novel that will keep you yearning for the next chapter. Dragon’s Mouth is a consummate work of military fiction that will rival Vonnegut and Clancy and could quite possibly be the most precise description of terrorist warfare by terrain that Americans and global allies have ever read.

It is also the most factual geological and biblical interpretation of Revelation 16:13 – And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet – that I personally have ever read.

McDowell credits much of his research to U.S. Army Ranger Col. George B. Utter; U.S. Navy Seal Lt. Justin Besinger; CW04 Charles L. Jones, USMC; and Col. Ross Roberts, USMC, Ret. So even when active duty and veterans of our Armed Forces read this work of strategic genius, they will be nodding their heads in approval.

Gibbes McDowell will launch Dragon’s Mouth at a public event Saturday, Nov. 20 on Lady’s Island. He will be signing copies from 1 p.m.-4 p.m. at The Fillin’ Station, located at 57 Sea Island Parkway on the deck overlooking Factory Creek. Kirk Dempsey will perform, food and drinks will be sold, and additional parking is available across the street in the bank parking lot.

It will be a true Lowcountry event to congratulate one Beaufort’s most beloved authors and celebrate the release of his new book.

About Dragon’s Mouth

When terrorists devise a plan to cause an apocalyptic volcanic eruption, a team of educated and heroic Americans work together to stop Yellowstone from erupting and causing calamity for much of the U.S.

Kamal Rashid lost his soul as a child when the Russians invaded his homeland of Afghanistan. A prodigy of Osama Bin Laden, Rashid was the mastermind behind the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. FBI Counter Terrorism Agent Dan Shields has been hunting him since.

Rashid sneaks into the U.S. across the Canadian border to complete his plan to send suicide bombers into tunnels beneath Yellowstone and initiate an eruption of the super volcano. George Ainslee, a Vietnam tunnel rat turned geologist, and Christie Albright, a beautiful scientist, work at the Yellowstone Research Center and are kidnapped by terrorists.

Navy SEAL Team Six is called in to save the day, and two of the SEALS (who are best friends) find themselves attracted to the same beautiful scientist. The fate of America, however, is at stake. The two BUDS Training graduates and pals find a way to neutralize opposing nuclear force in the lava field to save the country and opposing testosterone force to save their friendship.


What: Book release celebration for Gibbes McDowell’s Dragon’s Mouth

When: 1 to 4 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 20

Where: On the deck at The Fillin’ Station, 57 Sea Island Parkway, Lady’s Island

More: Kirk Dempsey will perform, food and drinks will be sold, and additional parking is available across the street in the bank parking lot.

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