Life is all about the “M” word

By Brittney Hiller

If for one second, you read that title and thought “Money” – have I got the article for you!  The simple fact is – life is not about money; it is about making “Memories.” So, I ask dear wise soul, what have you done lately to create them?

This New Year has allowed for a simple shift in my home life.  Usually I would attend, teach, or practice yoga on my own and my adorable husband would do his own thing – in regards to exercise. However, a spark lit recently, and some how we are now on this journey together making it our mission to swim everyday.

I realized on my way home after a swim that we are not just being active and becoming more mindful of health, we are creating memories and becoming each other’s incredible support system!  Sure, it is easy to tell someone – “hey, you should exercise and get healthy,” but when you are personally laying in bed in the morning with nothing else to do and expect them to get up and go along with out you, what kind of a support system is that? I say this because that is exactly what I did last year.  Instead of suggesting we do something we could benefit from, enjoy, and be together at – I ‘suggested’ he hit the gym while I was away teaching yoga at night.

It was a system that did not work and certainly didn’t contribute to making memories.  Instead, it caused hardship and disappointment due to most in part – my unrealistic expectations.

When the spark happened, something clicked that was beyond my control and I am currently in LOVE with it.  My husband became interested in my new way of eating (I was participating in a sugar detox graciously hosted by the fabulous, Carol Morrissey) – the food was divine and easy to make and he enjoyed them all!  He became interested in swimming again – a long loved activity that hadn’t been enjoyed in ages.  I love swimming, personally as I am able to get my cardio in without the dreadful act of running (in my humble opinion it is not my best fit for working out, but he rocks at it and often leaves me behind). With this new idea we hit the local gym and began swimming together. We are able to practice at our own pace and still meet back together in the end after one or two laps, as opposed to the “see you at home,” way of working out whenever anything else was involved.

We are making memories one swim meeting at a time and the joy of doing something together makes it that much more realistic and successful!

The simplest actions in life can create the greatest memories!

Choose your favorite “M” word and remember – “Memories” are forever – “Money” comes and goes. Make your imprint in someone’s memory, today!

Brittney Hiller is known as one of the happiest Yogini’s — she has practiced yoga for over a decade and can be found at every yoga studio in Beaufort. Find out more information on her at www.brittneyhilleryoga.com.

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