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Look at the facts

I love it when people wax poetic about old properties, establishments, communities, etc., without looking at the facts. St. Helena is the most crime-ridden, drug-infested community in the Lowcountry. The only safe place to live is in one of the beautiful gated communities.

And while I’m at it, the Woods Bridge is a disaster waiting to happen. It is far beyond its useful life with traffic far beyond what it was designed to handle. Does anyone remember when it failed coinciding with the damage to the McTeer Bridge? The National Guard was called in to handle the traffic.

There are thousands more cars east of the bridge now with thousands of homes already approved for construction. Do you see what traffic is like now at say 3 p.m.? What happens when Whitehall Park opens? This bridge needs to be replaced with a draw bridge or lift bridge and the northern bridge built soon before we have a catastrophe.

– James Beck, Beaufort

Public education is the great equalizer

The South Carolina House is currently debating S.39 ESA, “the voucher bill.” This bill will divert much-needed funds away from our public schools to private and charter schools. 

Public schools in South Carolina are already woefully underfunded and S.39 will only make a bad situation worse. For more than 200 years, America’s public schools have been “the great equalizer” enabling children from poorer families to achieve the American Dream of success, fulfillment, and upward mobility. 

If you value public school education, I urge you to write your state representatives and tell them to vote “No” on S.39. The following website makes it very easy to express your opinion on this vital issue: https://www.thescea.org/s39. Every child in South Carolina deserves a quality education.

– Peter Birschbach, Port Royal

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