How about an ex-mayors advisory council?

Since Bill Rauch likes to spout about stuff as yet unresolved, what if the existing ex-mayors of Beaufort got together, amicably, each with their preferred libation (I’ll buy!) and chewed the fat and maybe agreed on some recommendations?

Each would first have to admit past mistakes during their respective reigns, then could perhaps go on to share their collective wisdom? (Hey, Murray, I’m not joking).

First, perhaps would be the encouragement for complete transparency over all issues. Say, about hiring some old retired engineers (volunteers, no huge “consultant” fee) to find the machine tools experts (America used to lead here) creating the parts to keep the Woods Bridge going into future.

I agree with others, SCDOT’s mandate to replace all swing bridges — well they can just go pound salt! But, why, Bill, am I really responding to your words? I live on Lady’s Island, off your referenced Brickyard Point Road. I know that 1973 route proposal for a new bridge is certainly dead, with unfettered housing starts out here and resultant traffic, but whenever someone raises that old plan, like you, I get perturbed at no action, no clarity, and election of Council folk who want to build on every postage stamp.

If the U.S. Congress could get its act together and pass the additional funding Biden asks, bet we could see a third bridge, and those retired machine tools experts could craft a whole new set of gears for Woods Memorial?

– Timothy Dodds, Lady’s Island

Respect the law, the bridge

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed seeing the picture of the Osprey with its prey sitting on the Waterfront Park (Lowcountry Life, June 9). Very cool!

What wasn’t cool was seeing the semi-truck in the background going over the Woods bridge. I believe it is still illegal (signs posted) for 18-wheelers to be going across that bridge, but you sure don’t see many of them being pulled over on the side of the road. I know it’s tomato shipping season but how about remind … truckers that they need to go over the McTeer bridge through Port Royal instead of through downtown. The Woods bridge has been a good old bridge but she can only handle so much wear and tear and I, for one, will not be happy when I have to use the McTeer bridge to get to my job from Lady’s Island to downtown Beaufort. Please respect the law and the bridge.

– Geni Flowers, Lady’s Island

The Island News’ support of veterans ‘commenadable’

I don’t usually get the (The Island News) since we live in Bluffton, but I picked it up when we visited (Beaufort) last week and I saw (Larry Dandridge’s) wonderful Local Military page of information.

For five years, my husband Steve Newsom and I were the co-directors of Quaker House of Fayetteville (https://quakerhouse.org/), which provides free and confidential counseling for service members and veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI, domestic violence, military sexual assault and/or moral injury.

As part of our work, we learned about and studied moral injury. Dr. Brett Litz, a clinical psychologist with the VA Boston Healthcare system, defined moral injury in 2009 as “perpetrating, failing to prevent, bearing witness to, or learning about acts that transgress deeply held moral beliefs and expectations.” Because moral injury is very frequently the cause of suicide, we began an extensive outreach educational program on it. We spoke at several VA hospitals as well as on base at Ft. Bragg, etc.

I would like to thank you and your Columnist, Larry Dandridge, for the recent series of articles on VA mental health services and how to appeal a less-than-honorable discharge. This information can often help keep desperate veterans from suicide. The Island News support of our military members, veterans, and their families is most commendable and appreciated.

Bless you and thank you for your work.

– Lynn Newsom, Bluffton

Keep up the great work

I wanted you to know that your newspaper goes far beyond what you might ordinarily think is your readership. I read all of your articles on Veterans’ Benefits and further, I forward them to my Army retiree network in the Tennessee Valley and across the country.

I wish to sincerely thank you and especially thank your columnist, Larry Dandridge, for what I believe to be vitally important weekly public information. This week’s article on how to appeal a less than honorable discharge and the past series of four articles on VA mental health services have been outstanding. The information provided by your newspaper regarding Veterans has been invaluable.

I know of no other weekly newspaper, other than the Army Times that covers so thoroughly so many important subjects on military and veterans benefits. I am certain that The Island News is making a positive impact on our military men and women, veterans, and their families, the VA, and the Department of Defense.

Please, please keep up the great work and thank you again.

– Dr. Joe Fitzgerald, Veterans Community Leader, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama and the Tennessee Valley

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