You hit the nail on the head

I just read Larry Dandridge’s provocative article on the Definition of Marine and Army Infantry. As a U.S. Army Colonel and two-tour veteran of the Iraq War, I can tell you this, you hit the nail on the head with respects to the tremendously tough jobs our infantryman and supporting service members have.

The Island News is commended for the support you show to our troops and veterans. I share and discuss many of your messages with other veterans and active duty service members. Thank you for the weekly publications in your military and veterans section. These articles and their resulting positive effects on our veterans are extremely powerful and impactful. Thank you!

– Col. Ryan S. Price

A vision for Beaufort

A New Year might be the right time to come forward with some visionary thinking as to the economic future of our beloved Beaufort. Here goes – my vision of A Beaufort Economic Plan.

Important considerations – any plan should build on Beaufort’s current strength and reputation; create a strong middle-class economy with good-paying professional and technical jobs, and entry-level opportunities; and must select an economic sector with short- and long-term growth potential.

My vision for such a plan: make Beaufort a Health Care Destination for both medical tourism (e. g., Mayo in Rochester, Minn.) as well as an attractive retirement community (which it already is). (These people bring their insurance, IRAs, pensions, and social security, while consuming relatively little in the way of municipal services. They are also supportive of cultural activities in the arts.)

Strategies for such a plan:

Convert Naval Hospital into a VA facility, and teaching hospital for geriatric care and research.

Transform USC Beaufort into a School of Nursing, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician’s assistants, with all levels of degrees.

Strengthen TCL’s technical medical curriculum.

Early admission to TCL for qualified high school juniors and seniors.

Establish a charter high school for medical-related technologies (e. g. radiation, imaging) and care-giving.

There you have it. Beaufort medical facilities thus enhanced and expanded, would securely anchor the rest of the economy. Imagine the support activities that would emanate, in residential and hospitality construction and staffing, etc, etc.

You will note that I have not allowed practical considerations and political realities to get in the way of my visionary thinking.

Happy New Year.

– Jim Andrews, Port Royal

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