Thank you for veterans articles

As this year comes to a close, I want to thank (The Island News) for publishing weekly articles of veterans affairs and interests in your fine journal. As a Vietnam veteran, I find the articles helpful and very readable. You are kind to remember the veteran community in such a way.

With South Carolina and Georgia being such veteran-friendly states, I suspect the articles have a wide distribution. Sincerely and Happy New Year.

– Ron Plunkett, Isle of Palms

Voices page a ‘real pleasure’

It was a real pleasure reading the Voices page in the December 16 issue. Thank you for procuring authors who express views in a thoughtful and polite manner in contrast to some past authors who ranted, raved and resorted to name calling.

Mr. Dickson’s column was especially informative in that he expounded on the very real dilemma that the politicians writing our future have no ‘Plan B’ in the event of a failure of the system. I hope you will keep him as a regular contributor. Even Mr. Taub, whose opinions I generally disagree with, stated his position in a concise, well thought and polite manner. Thank you for providing us with a ‘real’ local newspaper, in contrast the plethora of PRAVDA type papers on the market.

– Greg Lula, Hilton Head

A Trip Back to the Future – 2035

If the opinion piece, titled “A Trip Back to the Future”, is indicative of a political party’s or this newspaper’s point of view, I am increasingly concerned for our country’s future. I look for inspiring visions and visionaries who will move our country forward. The pessimistic “trip” was not that vision for me. It minimizes our country’s ability to thrive and innovate, and it did nothing to contribute to the collaboration, cooperation, or inspiration that drives us.

I am not a proponent of the New Green Deal, though I do feel certain aspects have merit. Our country is admired by many around the world for an educational system and a society that drives and rewards creativity. Consider the smoke detector, air conditioning, the airplane, artificial heart valves, the PC, and cell phones, plus countless other American innovations that help to improve the quality of life in the U.S. and the world.

Clean reliable energy is a need, and today’s solutions are in no way perfect. As in the past, our future challenges can only be solved by research, innovation, and ingenuity. A cardiologist told me I would have dropped dead 10-15 years ago had it not been for today’s technology that identified my defective heart valve in time to have it replaced. Would most of us have flown in the first airplanes – doubtful, but today we do so happily. Let’s innovate to find similar solutions to our needs. We have the capability as a nation to inspire, collaborate, and cooperate.

Do I see electric cars stalled on I-95 in 2035? No! I see an America able to move into a better future by being innovative enough to anticipate and solve problems as we always have in the past.

– Keith Aspray, St Helena Island

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