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A positive first step

It was exciting to see that Joe Biden has temporarily banned offshore drilling. Also promising, Congresswoman Nancy Mace has promised to support such a ban.

This is a step forward in protecting the environment. Offshore drilling threatens the Lowcountry’s ecosystem, but importantly, shifting away from fossil fuels is critical.

The start of a new Congress brings opportunity to address climate change and mitigate its impact on the South Carolina coast.

Last year was the second warmest year in the Earth’s history behind 2016, and the Arctic sea ice coverage is the smallest it has ever been. This year is a turning point – the actions of our representatives will determine if the iconic beachfront houses on Harbor Island will be wiped out, costing millions of revenue for the state, or if downtown Beaufort will be more easily flooded.

Biden’s executive order is a win for the environment, but costs jobs while we are still reeling from the economic impact of the coronavirus. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act would place a fee on fossil fuel consumption that releases greenhouse gases, and allocate the money to the American people. This would incentivize industries to adapt cleaner technology, and offset the financial and environmental cost of carbon emissions for consumers.

There is bipartisan support for this bill, and I hope that a new version will be introduced in the new Congress; I think that we can get behind that the Lowcountry’s natural beauty should be preserved for generations.

I look forward to seeing what Nancy Mace will do in Congress and am hopeful she will serve South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District well.

– Claire Vaughan, Beaufort

Dandridge is to the point

I just read the article by Larry Dandridge on how to get a Veterans Identification Card and a Veterans designation on Drivers Licenses. A plain English tutorial on how to do it without all the hype that is so prevalent in government publications. He is to the point and covers all the bases.

– Mike Hadbavny, President, Chapter 780, Vietnam Veterans of America, Charleston

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