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Where are the old school politicians?

Politicians aren’t what they used to be! I was born and raised in Iowa. I was a union-trained Maintenance Electrician.

Democrats used to favor and help the blue collar workers. Republicans used to favor and help the white collar workers. Now they all favor and help their fellow cronies and themselves! They don’t care about the USA!

Both sides talk about Medicare and Social Security. Government employees, law enforcement, Military don’t pay into or receive either. They have their own pension, retirement and medical. Too bad they can’t think about our Country and help out the whole population!!

– Richard K. Adomat Sr., Beaufort

Briefly there, … and then gone

Mindy Lucas had a good piece (Oct. 29) regarding the election. The picture used reminded me of the corner of Bay and Ribaut last month.

I was stopped at the light, the first car and saw Beaufort, S.C, and the USA at our very best. Every sign from every candidate seemed to be on that corner. Every voice was seen, standing together.

I thought whoever planned this had the right idea – we are Beaufortonians! A variety of ideas makes us exciting, tolerant, allows for discourse instead of argument, sparking with ideas and at the end of the day we will still be here in our lovely neighborhoods.

I drove by the next day and half the signs were gone. I felt as if I lost something grand.

– Deb Chevas, Beaufort

Council should do what’s right

Mr. McCombs, thank you for the very timely article about Ashley Jacobs and County Council’s decision to “resign” her. It seems that the majority of Council is deliberately trying to be difficult.

I applaud Councilmen York Glover and Mike Covert, who voted to retain her, and hope that the other Council members will follow their intelligent lead, do what’s right and reverse their decision. I also hope that Council’s constituents are reading and listening to the message they are sending to them!

Ms. Jacobs deserves a better fate!

– Miriam Mitchell